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Bulk Bags (FIBC's)

standard FIBC bag   baffle bag

Standard Bulk Bag


Baffle Bag

Dino Bags is carrying standard bulk bags sizes in stock for your needs. In addition, our global sourcing allows us to offer custom made bulk bags from multiple manufactures. We are ready to listen and figure-out the best solution for you bulk bag inquiries.   Baffle bulk bags are ideal if you have limited space in sea-containers or on trucks. Baffles keep the bulk bag square and free form bulging over the pallet.
potato / onion bag   standard FIBC bag

Potato / Onion Bag


Sand / Construction Bag

Our Potato/Onion Bulk Bag is produced from a unique white or black woven ventilated Polypropylene fabric, which provides optimum air flow through the bag during storage. Reduces sprouting during storage or transportation.   Carrying your sand, gravel or construction material in our Sand bags is the most economical way to store or transport your products. We’ve designed the perfect size sand bag for your company, with inventory available for timely delivery.
Firewood Bag   Sandbag

Firewood Bag


Small PP Bags / Sandbag

Our Firewood Bulk Bag is produced from a unique woven ventilated Polypropylene fabric, which provides optimum air flow through the bag during storage and curing. You are able to carry 2500 lbs of firewood by forklift for storage, staging and delivery. Watch our firewood bag video.   We have a complete line of sandbags of different dimensions available. These bags are perfect for flood control, erosion control, levee construction and more.
Mesh onion bag   Paper woven bag

Mesh Bags


Paper Woven Bags

Check out our large selection of mesh bags which are typically used to store potato, onion, peanut, carrots, seashells, chestnut, citrus, lemon, orange, garlic, beans, pepper and fire wood.
  Our paper laminated woven bags commonly used packaging of cement, feed, seed, fertilizer, cocoa powder, chemical, mineral and other similar products
BOPP bags, Poly bag   Crumb rubber bag

BOPP Bag / Poly Bag


Crumb Rubber Bulk Bag

Our poly bags are widely used for retail consumer packaging products such as sugar, salt, bird feed, bird seed, seeds, flour, pet food, pet litter, grass seed, animal feed, coffee beans, cereals, powdered milk, plastic resin, fertilizer, corn, landscaping & agricultural products.   Dino Bags stocks an ideal bulk bag for your crumb rubber products.

Our 1-ton Crumb Rubber Bags are manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric. Dino Bags Crumb Rubber Super Sacks are suitable for carrying crumb rubber, rubber mulch, or synthetic turf.
clean room bags   conductive anti static bag

Food Grade Bulk Bag


Conductive / Antistatic Bulk Bag

Dino Bags is fully aware of the necessity of an effective hygiene policy to satisfy the requirements of companies involved in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors. Therefore, our clean-room/hygiene room bulk bags are made by only Certified HACCP, I.C.C.E and FDA/IMS manufacturers. We regularly visit our manufacturers to ensure that our customers are getting the high level of clean room bulk bags possible.   Our line of conductive/ anti-static bulk bags, for use in the electrostatically sensitive processing industries, are produced by certified manufacturers under strict guidelines for Dino bag. We offer type-C (groundable) and type-D anti-static (Crohmiq Blue) bulk bags to our customers.

Hazmat Bulk Bag

Our Hazmat bulk bag is a cost saving waste handler. It is collapsible, re-useable and economical. Hazmat bulk bag is our replacement for your metal/fiber drums and boxes.    

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