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Baffle Bags

Baffle BagBaffle bulk bags are ideal if you have limited space in sea-containers or on trucks. Baffles keep the bulk bag square and free form bulging over the pallet.

Baffle Bag Construction

Baffle Bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once they are filled. The corner baffles are made to allow the material to flow smoothly into all the corners, yet preventing the bag from expanding in the process. Since the shape of the bag is cubic, baffle bags require less storage space and cut down the transportation costs up to 30% compared to the regular big bags. Most of soybean, corn, barley growers uses baffle bags which allows the bag to stand straight.


Baffle Bag Construction
Gambo Big bags are also used for the same purpose; these bags are constructed slightly different to the Baffle bags. The cubic shape of the Gambo unit is formed with an inner layer of material that cannot be observed when looking at the FIBC. The Gambo design has two main advantages to that of Gambo liner the Qbag, these are, better sift proofing capabilities and overall, a better appearance.

The Gambo liner is a form shaped PE liner. It is designed to maximize storage and transportation space. It also allows you to make a form stable FIBC, more square and stable.

Baffle Liner is contamination and leakage free solution.

Gambo Liner

The liner is form fitted to the outer container and utilizes internal baffles to prevent the outward push of the dry flowable materials being packaged that could otherwise result in a rounded package that wastes space on the pallet, in a truck or in an ISO container.

The baffles help the container to retain its cubed shape while the outer container provides protection from puncture or abrasion.

A baffle liner is often used instead of baffled bulk bag when cleanliness is a top priority as well as stability and space economy.


Net Baffle formed Bigbag These specially designed net baffles, enables even the least flowing products to flow directly to the corners of the formed bag. Different than the conventional formed bag baffle design with holes, the horizontally knitted yarns provide extra sift proof and load securement during stacking.

Net Baffle Bags

The very unique yarns forming this design avoid contamination of the filled products at all times.

Dino Bags offers net baffle design in formed bags, which vary in different dimensions, tailor made to your needs.

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