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BOPP Bag / Poly Bag

poly bag samples

BOPP small poly bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric and OPP film extruded over the woven fabric. These are laminated and printed poly bags.

Our poly bags are widely used for retail consumer packaging products such as sugar, salt, bird feed, seeds, Flour, pet food, pet litter, bird seed, grass seed, animal feed, Coffee Beans, Cereals, Powdered Milk, Plastic Resin, Fertilizer, Landscaping & agricultural products.

Features of the BOPP laminated bags:

Dimensions:Starting from 15" wide x 55" tall.

Styles:Available in tubular (seamless) or back seam form.

Printing:Up to 8 colors.

Top:Open top, with or without handle, easy open.

Bottom:Closed bottom. (image below on left)

Surface of the bag:Laminated shinny print.

Added features:Includes easy carry handle, gusseted, open mouth, easy open strip And more.


Bottom of bag sealing Standing poly bag


High Glossy print, sharp color, reverse printing ability.

Very durable print.

Easy to scan UPC codes.

Enhanced marketability, especially competing for shelf space.

High tensile strength, good carrying capacity.

Stable, good standing by itself. (image above on right)

Easy open features.

UV protection surface.

 Food Grade Material.

Multiple opening features available:


 You can pull the string on the top of the bag and it opens easily. Ideal for pet litter packaging.

EZ open top poly bag
  Standard open top

Standard opening for Poly - BOPP bags



EZ carry poly bag
  Gusset Open top

Gusset style opening on Poly - BOPP bags



Carry handle poly bag

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene:is a polypropylene film that has been stretched in both the machine and cross directions. BOPP film has become one of the most popular, high growth films in the world.

Oriented Polypropylene:films have a variety of uses in both packaging and non-food packaging applications. These films are complex, usually multi-layered structures, which are developed to meet the exacting requirements of end-users.
rolls of oriented polypropylene

OPP film on roll

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