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Crumb Rubber Bulk Bag

Dino Bags stocks an ideal bulk bag for your crumb rubber products. 

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Our 1-ton Crumb Rubber Bags are manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric. Our bulk bag can be used for tire recycling products. Dino Bags Crumb Rubber Super Sacks are suitable for carrying crumb rubberrubber mulch or synthetic turf

Features of our 1 ton crumb rubber bulk super sack:   carrying capacity is 2200 lbs.
14" x 18" spout top
14 x 18 spout bottom
4 x 10 lifting loops
Pallet Quantity:
Crumb bag filling spout Crumb bag discharge spout Crumb bag lifting loops Pallet size and quantity

Woven Polypropylene Fabric: Woven polypropylene fabric (WPP) is formed from polypropylene fibers by weaving the fabric using polypropylene fibers in both the warp and weft directions. WPP has excellent strength. Therefore, it is an ideal material carrying your crumb rubber products safely and affordably. A polypropylene bulk bag is recyclable. After the bag has been filled, transported and emptied; the bag can be sent out for recycling instead of the landfill. 

Crumb Rubber: Crumb Rubber is the name given to material resulting from granulating scrap tires into uniform rubber granules. Crumb rubber is made by shredding scrap tires that would have otherwise been discarded in a landfill. 

Rubber Mulch: is a unique rubber granule made of 100% scrap tires, great for the environment and great for your garden! Rubber Mulch creates the perfect insulation for your soil, allowing water and nutrients in, while keeping weeds out. 

Synthetic Turf: is used for running tracks, tennis courts, football fields, automobile race tracks and many other sporting applications. 

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