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Firewood Bags

The increased demand for wood burning by suburban homeowners and city dwellers has Firewood suppliers looking for ways to improve productivity in their process. Our firewood bag is being used by firewood suppliers throughout the country, allowing them easy handling and storage of cordwood. Our ventilated firewood bag holds approximately one face cord randomly filled from conveyors.
Firewood bag exampleVentilated Fabric

Special Fabric: Ventilated fabric, which provides optimum air flow. Heavy duty and recyclable. 
Easy handling and storage: Ideally sized to maximize space for shipping (36" x 42" x 58" H). 
Carrying Capacity: 2200lbs 5:1 SF 
Filling: Duffle top w/tie string for easy filling and extra airflow. 
Loops: 4 loops, 10" high, ideal height to use a forklift. 
Min. Order Quantity: 1 skid (skid counts vary)

Firewood bag dimensions

Pile of Firewood

Our small mesh firewood bags are ideal for packaging firewood for retail.
These bags allow for maximum air circulation during storage.

They can be carried from the attached tie string easily.

·         0.9 cubic feet capacity bag

·         Bag measures  20 x 25 with Black draw tape closure 

·         Heavy-duty, narrow polypropylene mesh 6 x 6 weave 

·         1600 hours UV protection for outdoor storage

·         Min. Order 1000 pcs

·         Print up to 4 colors

·         Customs artwork available

small firewood bag mesh


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