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Pieces of fabric sewn across each corner of a tubular or 4 panel bag to improve square shape after filling. These baffles help prevent the FIBC (bag) from bulging. It also help the bag stand up and square shape. The baffles have holes that allow the product to flow freely through them. Baffle bag also called “Q-bags”. Regular bulk bags bulges approximately %15, baffle bag bulges less than %10.
Bulk bag liners and how we secure the liner in the FIBC (Image Documents)
Fill Spout
Also known has a top spout. Used as an inlet for filling the FIBC/bag. This is normally 14” in diameter and 18” long.
Filler Cord
Material used in manufacturing sift resistant FIBC’s/bags.
Food Grade Bag
FDA approved packaging. Food grade FIBCs are made from FDA approved resin raw material. Production of the bag is done in the "clean room" which is to insure that the bag is approved for food packaging.
Form-Fit Liner
A type of Polyethylene liner which follows the shape of the bag (from top to bottom. It is either sewn or tabbed to the top and bottom seams of the bag).
Lift Loop
These loops are attached to the 4 corners of the FIBC/bag to enable the fork truck operator to put the fork in and lift the bag. Standard size is 10”. There are two basic lifting loops; side seam loops and cross corner loops.
Loose Liner
Inexpensive, it can be changeable with the new one. However, during discharging the liner might fall in side of the container since it is not secured.
Perimeter Band or Belt
This band is sewn around the outside perimeter of the top of a bag, which is designed to give extra strength to the loops when lifting.
Petal Closure
It is a closure over the bottom spout which help condemnation.
Pharmaceutical Bag
Production of the bag is done in the "clean/hygiene room".
Plain Bottom
Also called a closed bottom. This is the base without an opening.
A type of polymer used in producing monofilament and multi filament yarns and threads. It is recyclable. Abbreviation is PP.
Recyclable of bulk bags
Our bulk bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene. They are recyclable.
Reinforced Section
Section of the FIBC where the lift belt is sewn onto the fabric. This section of fabric has twice as many Warp yarns, which contributes to the strength of the bag. It is also called a Tramline.
Remote Open Discharge (R.O.D.)
A type of outlet that has provisions for discharge of material without an operator reaching under the bag to open the spouts.
Safe Working Load / SWL
The amount of weight that the bag is rated and tested to hold safely.
Safety Factor/SF
The safety ratio the bag is specified to hold. Basic SF: 5:1 and 6:1. If the bag has 5:1 SF which means it can be used once. 6:1 SF bags allow to be used multiple times.
A line made by the attachment of two or more components.
A design to prevent product from leaking out of the bag.
Spout Cover
Also called has a Petal cover or Star closure or Pajama cover. It is a piece of fabric material sewn between the spout and petal closure used to protect or hold the spout in place. It is a closure over the bottom spout which help condemnation.
Stevedore Strap
A long strap that is sewn to the body of one corner of the bag, extending to the opposite corner of the bag. (Not Diagonally, Opposite same side)
Type A Bulk Bags
FIBC (bulk bag) made standard PP resin. There is no protective measures against electrostatic charges. Do not use Type-A bag where a flammable atmosphere is present.
Type C Bulk Bags Conductive / Groundable
FIBC with interconnected electrostatic conductive film tapes and conductive loops and/or conductive tabs for grounding. The breakdown voltage does not exceed 6 kV. FIBC Type C must be provided with a grounding point and must be ground during usage.
Type D Bulk bags Conductive
Type-D bulk bags are made from CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric provides protection from hazardous electrostatic discharges by safely dissipating charge into the atmosphere by a process called corona. Corona is one form of electrostatic discharge, but unlike sparks or brush discharges, corona is low energy and is not incendiary to flammable or explosive atmospheres.
Type-B Bulk Bag
Type of FIBC that can hold (absorb) static electricity inside of the bag up to 6 KV. If static electricity discharges are higher than 6 kV, it overflows to the outside of the FIBC. Our Type B conductive FIBCs are made from special fabric.
Types of Liners

Types of Liners: page 1, page 2 (Image documents)

UN Certified bags
Hazardous materials can also be carried by a FIBC. A special UN certificated bag meets DOT requirements. 6:1 SF (safety factory). The bag has a certain certification and UN number (United Nations).
UV Protection
A feature of an FIBC fabric that provides from prolonged exposure to the Sun’s degrading UV rays. There is a special additive pours in to resin during melting stage of PP, before extrusion of the yarn. It helps protect the bag from Sun light to a certain level.

Special Note: Bulk bags must be covered from Sun light during outside storage.
Yarn or tape in a fabric, oriented perpendicular to the Weft yarn during weaving. This would go from top to bottom in the body fabric.
Web Tie
used to tie the inlets and outlets. Also called tape or bias strap. Made of multi Filament yarn polyester or polypropylene.
Yarn or tape in a fabric, orientated perpendicular to the Warp yarn during weaving. This would go from left to right in the body fabric. This is identified as the yarns placed by the bobbins of the looms.
Extruded polypropylene (PP) sheet slit and stretched in annealing ovens to form part of a woven fabric for the FIBC
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