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Mesh Bags

Dino Bags offers a large selection of mesh bags.

Our mesh bags are typically used to store potato, onion, peanut, carrots, seashells, chestnut, citrus, lemon, orange, garlic, beans, pepper and fire wood.


    Produced from polypropylene environmental friendly.

    Various sizes are available.

    Top over-lock stitches, single folded stitched bottom.

    Provide excellent air flowing during storage.

    Have enough UV stabilizers in it.

    1000 pc per bale.

    With or without drawstring.
Mesh bags

Mesh onion bag

Size Style Colors
21 x 31.5 Balers Red, White, Yellow, Rust, Orange
15 x 25 Tight Red, White, Purple
15 x 28 Tight Red, White, Purple
18 x 30 Tight Red, White, Purple
18 x 32 Tight Red, White
22 x 36 Tight Dark Green
24 x 36 Tight Green
All stock bags come with black drawtapes

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